Circle Symbol ⨁ ◶

Here you will find various types of circle symbol with their alt codes. You can easily copy and paste the circle symbol text into any word document, excel, blog, photoshop etc. Click on the symbol to copy. You can use circle symbol on social media websites, tumblr, instagram, youtube, facebook and games like: pubg, freefire, bgmi.

List of Circle Symbol Alt Codes

SymbolNameAlt Code
⧲Error-Barred White Circle10738
⦶Circled Vertical Bar10678
♾Permanent Paper Sign9854
⎉Circled Horizontal Bar With Notch9097
◴White Circle With Upper Left Quadrant9716
◒Circle With Lower Half Black9682
⨴Multiplication Sign In Left Half Circle10804
⨷Cross Sign In Double Circle10807
⦸Circled Reverse Solidus10680
⚇White Circle With Two Dots9863
⊝Circled Dash8861
◡Lower Half Circle9697
◐Circle With Left Half Black9680
⨭Plus Sign In Left Half Circle10797
🌕Full Moon Symbol127765
🔘Radio Button128280
〇Ideographic Number Zero12295
⧳Error-Barred Black Circle10739
⧃Circle With Two Horizontal Strokes To The Right10691
⦽Up Arrow Through Circle10685
⦻Circle With Superimposed X10683
⦷Circled Parallel10679
✆Telephone In Circle9990
⚬Medium Small White Circle9900
⚪Medium White Circle9898
⚆White Circle With Dot Right9862
☯Yin Yang9775
⊘Circled Division Slash8856
⊚Circled Ring Operator8858
⍟Apl Functional Symbol Circle Star9055
⏀Dentistry Symbol Light Vertical With Circle9152
◌Dotted Circle9676
◚Upper Half Inverse White Circle9690
◯Large Circle9711
◷White Circle With Upper Right Quadrant9719
⟴Right Arrow With Circled Plus10228
⥁Clockwise Closed Circle Arrow10561
◑Circle With Right Half Black9681
◕Circle With All But Upper Left Quadrant Black9685
⧇Squared Small Circle10695
⨁N-Ary Circled Plus Operator10753
⨮Plus Sign In Right Half Circle10798
⬤Black Large Circle11044
🌑New Moon Symbol127761
⧁Circled Greater-Than10689
⇴Right Arrow With Small Circle8692
⏂Dentistry Symbol Light Up And Horizontal With Circle9154
❂Circled Open Centre Eight Pointed Star10050
◗Right Half Black Circle9687
⬲Left Arrow With Circled Plus11058
😶Face Without Mouth128566
⧀Circled Less-Than10688
⚯Unmarried Partnership Symbol9903
⊕Circled Plus8853
⏣Benzene Ring With Circle9187
➲Circled Heavy White Rightwards Arrow10162
⥈Left Right Arrow Through Small Circle10568
〶Circled Postal Mark12342
🌓First Quarter Moon Symbol127763
🎯Direct Hit127919
⨸Circled Division Sign10808
⧂Circle With Small Circle To The Right10690
⦼Circled Anticlockwise-Rotated Division Sign10684
⦹Circled Perpendicular10681
⛔No Entry9940
⚫Medium Black Circle9899
⚈Black Circle With White Dot Right9864
⃠Combining Enclosing Circle Backslash8416
⊙Circled Dot Operator8857
⊜Circled Equals8860
⏁Dentistry Symbol Light Down And Horizontal With Circle9153
◙Inverse White Circle9689
◠Upper Half Circle9696
✪Circled White Star10026
⥀Anticlockwise Closed Circle Arrow10560
●Black Circle9679
◖Left Half Black Circle9686
⨀N-Ary Circled Dot Operator10752
⨢Plus Sign With Small Circle Above10786
⬰Left Arrow With Small Circle11056
⭕Heavy Large Circle11093
⦺Circle Divided By Horizontal Bar And Top Half Divided By Vertical Bar10682
⚉Black Circle With Two White Dots9865
⊛Circled Asterisk Operator8859
◛Lower Half Inverse White Circle9691
◍Circle With Vertical Fill9677
⨂N-Ary Circled Times Operator10754
🚫No Entry Sign128683
⧭Black Circle With Down Arrow10733
⧬White Circle With Down Arrow10732
⦵Circle With Horizontal Bar10677
❍Shadowed White Circle10061
♽Partially-Recycled Paper Symbol9853
♼Recycled Paper Symbol9852
⎊Circled Triangle Down9098
⎋Broken Circle With Northwest Arrow9099
◵White Circle With Lower Left Quadrant9717
◶White Circle With Lower Right Quadrant9718
◓Circle With Upper Half Black9683
◔Circle With Upper Right Quadrant Black9684
⨵Multiplication Sign In Right Half Circle10805
⨶Circled Multiplication Sign With Circumflex Accent10806
🔴Large Red Circle128308
⦾Circled White Bullet10686
⚭Marriage Symbol9901
⊗Circled Times8855
○White Circle9675
⟳Clockwise Gapped Circle Arrow10227
⦲Empty Set With Small Circle Above10674
🔵Large Blue Circle128309
⦿Circled Bullet10687
⚮Divorce Symbol9902
⊖Circled Minus8854
⏺Black Circle For Record9210
⟲Anticlockwise Gapped Circle Arrow10226
⥉Upwards Two-Headed Arrow From Small Circle10569
ï¿®Halfwidth White Circle65518

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