Music Note Symbol ♬

Here you will find various types of music note symbol with their alt codes. You can easily copy and paste the music note symbol text into any word document, excel, blog, photoshop etc. Click on the symbol to copy. You can use music note symbol on social media websites, tumblr, instagram, youtube, facebook and games like: pubg, freefire, bgmi.

List of Music Note Symbol Alt Codes

SymbolNameAlt Code
🎹Musical Keyboard127929
♫Beamed Eighth Note14
🎙Studio Microphone127897
🎼Musical Score127932
♬Beamed Sixteenth Notes9836
♭Music Flat Sign9837
♩Quarter Note9833
🎶Multiple Musical Notes127926
🥁Drum with Drumsticks129345
🎵Musical Note127925
♪Eighth Note13
♯Music Sharp Sign9839
♮Music Natural Sign9838

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